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Instant traffic for your website with professionally managed PPC campaigns (pay per click). Because a well managed PPC campaign can be a game changer. We provide pay per click management services, which are carried out by dedicated project managers. We help you to boost your ROI, track activities transparently, get reports & view performance of your campaign - all in a single place.

Making Your PPC Campaign Stand Out_Pay Per Click Services

Expertly Managed Campaigns

Search engine advertising is a huge industry because it works. There is nothing more powerful than putting an advertisement at the top of a search engine results page that is perfectly aligned with the desire of the searcher.

Each PPC campaign is handled by certified and seasoned AdWords specialists, so your are always in good hands.

Measurable ROI

Additionally, PPC is the most measurable and testable marketing channel, and when you put the proper effort and attention towards honing the economics of PPC for your business, it can be extremely powerful.

Campaigns are monitored, tested, and optimized for ideal returns. Includes Google AdWords setup, keyword research & more.


We don’t just use buzzwords or follow trending techniques. By using our pay per click services, you give your website the chance to appear at the top of search engine result pages for keywords you normally would not rank for, presenting you the opportunity to be found by a surplus of customers that are eager to buy.

However, getting found is only half the battle: our PPC management professionals will work tirelessly to ensure your ad text and landing pages are properly optimized and implement all industry best practices, which over time, can result in lower costs and higher ad placements.

Put us to work for you at NO COST!

Request an SEO Audit (worth $175) which includes Local Visibility, Social Engagement, On-Site Recommendations, Competitive Analysis & more!

Launching PPC Campaign

We’re meticulous in how we handle clients’ PPC campaigns. Here are the steps we’ll go through to make that happen.

Professionally Managed PPC Campaigns_Pay Per Click Services

Keyword Research & Analysis

Keyword research, ad groups, & competition research to find the opportunities and make the most of your client’s ad budget.

Build The PPC Campaign

We build custom campaigns targeted to your client’s business based on the data gathered during the research and analysis.

Launch The Ads

After launching the perfectly targeted ads it’s time to track conversions, analyze traffic, and present reports. Manage all this from the dashboard.

Traffic & Click Through

A well-managed PPC campaign results in clicks to the right pages with constant bid optimization. Our Private Label PPC Services deliver this.

Get More Conversions, Calls & New Clients With... Your Trusted Local PPC Experts.

We help you to boost your ROI, track activities transparently, get reports & view performance of your campaign - all in a single place.

Pricing begins from as low as $149

Knowing When It’s Time For PPC Campaign

PPC is just a part of your drive to establish an online presence for your business.
So how do you know when it’s time for a SEM strategy?

Time is of the Essence

Time is of the Essence

You have already started an SEO strategy, which can take time but you want to be at the top of the results page now!

Filtered Results are Preferred

Filtered Results are Preferred

PPC utilizes social media platforms which allows you to target a range of demographics and preferences.

You Simply Want the Best of the Internet

You Simply Want the Best of the Internet

Your SEO strategy is already showing results and you believe there’s still more people to reach! So a PPC campaign it is!

We manage and control your online reputation

We manage and control your online reputation

An online reputation is important for any business whether national or local, but it’s especially important for local businesses where one bad review can be catastrophic. We’ll help manage that reputation.

Sometimes, They Just Have to See it Again

There are a lot of reasons why someone might not convert on your site the first time they visit. With remarketing, your clients’ potential customers will have another chance to become actual customers. We implement the right remarketing strategy for your campaigns to convert leads and bring business back to your clients.

  • Remarketing Graphics
  • Responsive Display Ads
  • Remarketing Lists

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Certified Google Adwords Partner

Our AdWords specialists are certified partners of Google and Facebook with years of experience in search engine marketing. We make it easy in providing a great experience and drive growth to your business, while our experts handle the SEM.

We specialize in the following areas of expertise:

  • Search Ads – By targeting a keyword, your ad can show at the top of a search engine results page.
  • Mobile Ads – Your ad right in the palm of their potential customers’ hands. That’s right you want them to be.
  • Display Ads – Google Display Ads can be on any of Google’s network sites: YouTube, Gmail, Blogger, and more.
  • Video Ads – People love videos. The best video ads make people forget they are watching an ad and pulls them in for 90 seconds.

Our PPC Campaign Packages

The Paid Advertisement Packages includes packages for Google Adwords. Each product provides a tailored strategy to exceed the goals of the client by leveraging experience, technology, creativity, and our internal methodology.

$ 395 /mo

For campaigns with small ($1,000 - $2,999) monthly ad spend budget. Includes Google Search Network and/or Bing.

  • Set-Up Fee $190
  • Platforms Google / Bing
  • Keywords Up to 30
  • Ad Groups Up to 10
  • Ad Texts Created 4
  • Estimated Search Clicks 150
  • Estimated Search Impressions 5,300
  • Report Monthly
  • Bid Optimization Once a Week
  • Project Manager Consultation Monthly
  • Google My Business Yes
  • Location Targeting Yes
  • Banner Ads Creation Contact us for pricing
  • Landing Page Analysis FREE
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$ 895 /mo

For campaigns with large ($5,001 - $10,000) / mo budget. With an option to include Search Network Campaign, Display Network / Remarketing, Facebook, and Gmail.

  • Set-Up Fee $449
  • Platforms Google / Bing / Facebook
  • Keywords Up to 70
  • Ad Groups Up to 30
  • Ad Texts Created 12
  • Estimated Search Clicks 1,800
  • Estimated Search Impressions 269,500
  • Report Monthly & Weekly
  • Bid Optimization Twice a Week
  • Project Manager Consultation Weekly
  • Google My Business Yes
  • Location Targeting Yes
  • Banner Ads Creation Contact us for pricing
  • Landing Page Analysis FREE
Compare All PPC Campaign Plans

Can't decide which PPC Campaign plan is right for you?

All plans include FREE dashboard, website form lead tracking, review widget to get more positive reviews, automated weekly & monthly reporting and customer support via email, chat & phone.

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